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The Basics of our Financial Policy


The Twin Cities: Last Stand Garou LARP ("the Game") has a fund of money that can be used for the betterment of the Game, collected from Suggested Donations.

Any money that exists within this fund is not the property of any individual, regardless of whom holds access to the account wherein the fund resides. This fund is to be used to reimburse those who purchase goods and/or services for the betterment of the game. Reimbursement will only occur if the purchaser has prior approval from a majority of the Storytelling Staff ("the STaff") and provides a receipt for the purchase. The STaff will not approve any purchase that does not affect the Game directly.

Any goods reimbursed in this way become property of the Game, and no individual may claim any property of the Game as that or another individual's property, nor may any goods be applied in any use outside of the Game's purview. Goods that remain usable after each session will remain within the custody of a member of the STaff until the next session of the Game.

In the event of the Games dissolution, all material and monetary assets will be donated to the primary game site.


Site Suggested Donation


At present, we suggest a $5 per game site donation.


If you can't pay, you can still play, but you won't be eligible to earn any XP for your character for the game.


How we use the money

The Site requires a flat fee of $100 per game night. Donations collected in excess, after paying the site, goes into the general game fund.


The general game fund covers office supplies and printing costs. It serves as an emergency reserve fund to cover the cost of a backup site if needed. It may also be used to cover additional costs associated with the Wyalusing Event Game.


How we keep the money

The fund is presently managed by Luke. The money goes to paying for the site, paying for ink, paper, stamps, and event game.


Details about the fund are available in the following documents:



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