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Visiting Players

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If you're a player from another game in One world by Night, do the following when you plan a visit:


Your Genre

Check Sir not appearing in this game page to make sure you understand what we allow.


Your Character Sheet

At least 48 hours in advance of your visit, your Storyteller should send your character sheet to our Storytellers. You can either bring your own copy of this sheet, or ask your Storytellers to include our bookkeeper on the e-mail so he can print it.


If our Storytellers do not receive your character sheet by this deadline, expect the possibility that we will edit or refuse your character at the door. If you are a hedge mage or Fenian flavored hedge mage we will need write up of your powers so we can understand what your character is capable of doing.


Our House Rules

Browse the complete rules index to see how we play the game. If this wiki does not explain the rules for an element on your character sheet -- be it a Gift, Rite, Totem, or anything else -- do not assume it will work the same way here as it does in your game. The Storytellers will make a situational judgment call if you need to use it.


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