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Totems of Cunning

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Totems of Cunning are an unruly lot. Their principles may not be as noble as those of other Totem spirits, but they serve Gaia in their own idiosyncratic ways nonetheless. Many Garou perceive these Totems' followers as societal misfits.


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Players may search the Werewolf source material to discover many, many more Totems than these. As the Storytellers approve new Totems of Cunning to enter play, this page catalogs their rules.


Ash'ika: Gaia's Green

  • Type: Cunning
  • Totem Background Cost: 3 Traits
  • Description: A spirit that favors Lupus above all else. She is a spirit of creation and fertility. She remembers when wolves were plentiful and the world was tied to the wyld energies.
  • Benefits: You gain the Ability Primal urge x2, animal kin x 1, 1 survival, the merit: Unusually fertile, and a 2-Trait bonus on all challenges involving undoing weaver's work.
  • Ban: You must encourage breeding with wolves and protect wolf kin whenever possible.



  • Type: Cunning
  • Totem Background Cost: 5 Traits
  • Description: The butterfly is a strange totem and only those who are looking past the beautiful exterior see the cunning trickster that he is. When he began life he was an easily overpowered caterpillar but through the use of nature's gifts he survived, often by using others to protect himself. Shadow Lords favor him for his cunning ways.
  • Benefits: You gain the gift Tagalong without needing to gravel but give a gift, +2 subterfuge, +1 athletics
  • Ban: Followers of Butterfly must never aid someone weaker than them without gaining something in return. You gain one less glory than others.



  • Type: Cunning
  • Totem Background Cost: 7 Traits
  • Description: Coyote would tell you he's the greatest trickster of legend -- and he might even be telling the truth. He's famous for breaking rules, winning fights and stealing wives. He is not famous for being wise -- he gets himself tricked almost as often as he deceives others. As a patron of the Garou, he's always glad to accept whomever would learn his ways.
  • Benefits: You gain the Mental Trait Wily (or a synonym) and the Abilities Stealth x2, Subterfuge x2, Streetwise x1 and Survival x1. Coyote always knows how to find those who follow him.
  • Drawback: Coyote is cunning but unwise. You're likely to get blamed for anything that goes wrong anywhere nearby. You cannot claim Wisdom for following this Totem one year.
  • Ban: Coyote would never dream of limiting you.



  • Type: Cunning
  • Totem Background Cost: 6 Traits
  • Description: The cuckoo bird is infamous for laying her eggs in other birds' nests, letting her chicks hatch there to be raised by other birds. Garou followers of this totem are likewise masters of infiltration, slipping in behind the front lines of battle with the Wyrm to steal their secrets and assassinate their leaders. Cuckoo has little patience for the social mores called "honor" among the Garou, and passes that attitude on to her children.
  • Benefits: You gain the Social Trait Manipulative (or a synonym) and the Ability Subterfuge x2. You can also make a Static Social Challenge against six Traits (or more, in conspicuous circumstances) to look like you belong with other people in the scene. Anyone who notices your presence must defeat you in a Mental Challenge, or else see you as one of their own. If the you do something conspicuous to call attention to yourself, everyone present gets this Mental Challenge.
  • Drawback: Garou are slow to trust followers of Cuckoo. You lose one Honor every four months.
  • Ban: Cuckoo requires you to seize every opportunity, exploiting what fate offers.


  • Type: Cunning
  • Totem Background Cost: 7 Traits
  • Description: Fox specializes in creating confusion, luring his friends and foes alike into compromising situations and then springing a trap. He means to teach his friends valuable lessons in this way, and to deal his foes considerable harm.
  • Benefits: You gain the Social Trait Manipulative (or a synonym) and the Abilities Subterfuge x2, Stealth x2, and Streetwise x1.
  • Drawback: Few Garou trust you. You also lose one Honor for every three your receive.
  • Ban: Fox calls upon you to aid any foxes being hunted. You should never hunt foxes yourself.



  • Type: Cunning
  • Totem Background Cost: 5 Traits
  • Description: Goat is among the most stubborn totems. If he can't prove his point with a sharp-tongued argument, he'll give you the horns (or some other dirty-fighting trick). He hungers for justice and glory and respect and alfalfa and... well, he hungers for just about everything, really.
  • Benefits: You gain the Abilities Subterfuge x2 and Survival x2. You enjoy a 1-Trait bonus on all Willpower challenges.
  • Ban: Always eat what is offered to you.



  • Type: Cunning
  • Totem Background Cost: 5 Traits
  • Description: This disgusting yet hardy bird totem has a lot of knowledge to offer for any who are willing to follow them.
  • Benefits: You gain the Abilities Area Knowledge (Coastal Areas and Large Lakes) x2 and Athletics x2. In the umbra, you can run across the surface of water.
  • Drawback: You lose 1 Honor every three months. 
  • Ban: Do not spend a long period of time away from the open water. 


The Hind, Daughter of Stag, The White Fawn

  • Type: Cunning
  • Brood: Stag
  • Totem Background Cost: 5 Traits
  • Description: Daughter of Stag, ally to Pegasus and Unicorn. She is a kind and free spirited totem. Easily found where Stag or White Doe are, often found in the Summerlands. She protects the young and the lost. She avoids fights when she can but will defend those in need.
  • Benefits: You gain the lupus Gift Trapper's bane and the Abilities Survival x2, Animal Ken x1, and Stealth x2.
  • Ban: Followers of The Hind understand that combat is a way of life but can never harm a child in anyway.


Lady Luck

  • Type: Cunning
  • Totem Background Cost: 6 Traits
  • Description: Lady Luck known as Tyche to the Greeks, and Fortuna to the Romans — is a personification of the concept of chance. Lady Luck is often portrayed blindfolded, representing the impartiality of fortune, which falls randomly without favoring or disfavoring need, status, or moral character. Lady Luck favors the bold and anyone willing to take the chances of her spinning her wheel more frequently does get her attention.
  • Benefits: You gain a Lucky retest once per night, x2 Subterfuge, 2 Streetwise and once per month you can request Lady Luck to help you win a game-craft (Suddenly the dice go from looking like Snake eyes to a 12 in craps, sudden royal flush despite what the cards in your hand were)
  • Ban: If a garou is offered a chance to play in a game of luck they must partake, but nothing says they can't cheat. You will earn one less honor for every three temp you gain.


Mother Night

  • Type: Cunning
  • Brood: Grandfather Thunder 
  • Totem Background Cost: 6 Traits
  • Description: Mother Night serves Gaia in silence and secrecy, and intends that her children should do the same.
  • Benefits: You gain the Ahroun Gift True Fear and the Abilities Subterfuge x2, Intimidation x1, and Stealth x1.
  • Ban: Followers of Night must keep their true intentions and purposes secret to those outside the pack, and must actively work to fool others regarding their intentions and purposes.
  • Note: This is a custom totem created within this chronicle.  Storytellers may require additional roleplay on the part of the petitioner before they will be allowed to follow this totem.



  • Type: Cunning
  • Brood: Wendigo 
  • Totem Background Cost: 3 Traits
  • Description: A master of blending in to avoid predators, Rabbit uses its powerful legs to run away as a last resort.
  • Benefits: You gain the Mental Trait Alert x1 and the Gift Camouflage.
  • Ban: You must spend a Willpower to avoid fleeing when surprised.



  • Type: Cunning
  • Totem Background Cost: 5 Traits
  • Description: An adaptive survivor of both city and wilderness, Raccoon is a voracious eater and a cunning fighter.
  • Benefits: You gain the Abilities Stealth x2 and Survival x3. You are at a 1-Trait bonus on Brawl challenges.
  • Ban: Leave small, shiny objects in the woods for Raccoon to find.


Tammany Hall

  • Type: Cunning
  • Totem Background Cost: 5 Traits
  • Description: An American totem of politics, Tammany Hall appears as a mighty tiger, with its name lettered down its side like a political cartoon. It may have other names and faces in other countries, but in America it represents gaining power for its own sake, even to the point of corrupting the government to do so. Lupus Garou working in the city tend to think this is the most natural thing in the world, since wolves don't do democracy to begin with. Modern homid Garou look on Tammany Hall packs with more suspicion, mistrustful of where their ambitions will lead.
  • Benefits: You gain the Social Trait Manipulative (or a synonym) and the Ability Politics x2. You may also give unobtrusive commands to any Weaver-spirit connected with the city in some way, making a Social Challenge (retest Politics) against the spirit. If you win, the spirit obeys you for a little while, as long as you don't ask it to go against standing orders from its superiors.
  • Ban: Vote early; vote often. Never vote against your Sept's political agenda.



  • Type: Cunning
  • Totem Background Cost: 5 Traits
  • Description: The Aztec god of temptation, Tezcatlipoca appears at first to be working for the Wyrm -- it offers Garou power and pleasures that eschew the Litany and all ethical limits. Wise Garou are not fooled, however: it's a trick, and if any Garou accepts these temptations, Tezcatlipoca sees to it that they are caught and punished. His nickname as the "Police Entrapment God" began with the Glass Walkers, but Bone Gnawers, Shadow Lords and Uktena often appreciate the spirit's ways as well.
  • Benefits: You gain the Social Trait Manipulative (or a synonym) and the Abilities Subterfuge x1, Occult x1 and Streetwise x3. These Abilities help you keep tabs on the city's culture of temptation.
  • Ban: Show that you are not weak-willed and prone to temptation. Never indulge in casual. hedonism like one-night stands or drunken parties.



  • Type: Cunning
  • Brood: Turtle 
  • Totem Background Cost: 5 
  • Description: A bit of a trickster spirit but also a spirit of bounty. He is slippery as well as swift.
  • Benefits:  You gain the Uktena Gift: Spirit of the Fish and +2 Wits
  • Ban: Must never overfish. He also asks all his children to learn to swim.




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