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Fetishes and Talens

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The pacts between werewolves and the spirits of Gaia take many forms -- sometimes, a physical item of power. Fetishes are the treasures and heirlooms of the Garou, each one a spiritual being giving service to Gaia by becoming a weapon, talisman or tool. Talens are lesser such charms: spirits bound into physical tokens for a short time, willing to lend their power once.



A knife fashioned from a dragon's fang; a drum inlaid with ancient sigils of healing; a necklace of silver shaped beneath a full moon; a spear as light as a bird's wing and as sharp as its talons -- there exist as many different kinds of Fetish as there are spirits to bless them, but no Fetish looks ordinary. A spirit will not agree to empower a mundane item; it expects a quality home, well-maintained and decorated to bring honor to the service it performs. Most tribes fashion fetishes out of natural materials according to traditions of ancestral craftsmanship, although modern-minded sorts like Glass Walkers have been known to create technological talismans. Garou commonly create Fetishes out of fine weapons, inviting warlike spirits to come join the werewolves' fight directly, but wise Theurges know that more subtle tools truly turn the tide when spiritually empowered.


In game terms, many Fetishes are custom-designed by players and Storytellers. They come into a character's keeping when one Garou bequeaths a Fetish to another, or when a ritualist performs the Rite of the Fetish, or when a new character begins with the Fetish Background. The writeup for a Fetish is kept on an Item Card, which is the responsibility of the player to keep.


Attuning a Fetish

When a Fetish is handed over into another Garou's possession, the recipient must spend a number of temporary gnosis points equal to the fetish's gnosis rating. The gnosis does not need to spent all at once, it may take several days, but the fetish is not attuned until the appropriate gnosis points are spent. After this has been accomplished, the spirit finds the bearer to be an acceptable master: the Fetish becomes attuned to the Garou, similar to the Rite of Talisman Dedication. A Garou may have a maximum number of Fetishes attuned equal to their permanent Gnosis rating. This number is reduced if you are down gnosis from bearing an item or items made out of silver. Fetishes attune to one Garou at a time.


Using a Fetish

Activating a fetish requires a successful Gnosis Challenge (retest with Primal Urge) against the Fetish's Gnosis rating; if the challenge fails, you can spend a Gnosis to force it active. In combat, activating a Fetish is a normal action. It remains active for the rest of the scene.


Example List of Fetishes

Storytellers should use the following list as a starting point and guideline for overall power level. Fetishes that are listed on the wiki are considered commonly known to characters unless they are Tribe specific. To make a fetish not listed on the wiki, you need Storyteller approval of the concept before you begin and follow the rules for Fetish Creation.


List of by book fetishes



Talens are simpler versions of fetishes, created by the Rite of Binding. Werewolves consider binding spirits into talens as less morally complicated or offensive than creating fetishes, because a spirit's residence within a talen ends when the item is used. Success on the Rite of Binding creates a talen with Gnosis equal to that of the spirit bound inside. Some powerful spirits who choose to cooperate with talen creation can divide their essence among several talens, so that just the basic success produces more than one talen.


An Item Card explaining a talen represents it in play. This card is the responsibility of the player to keep.


Using a Talen

Talens don't require attunement, but have a limited number of uses (just once, unless otherwise specified). A successful Gnosis Challenge (retest Primal Urge) activates the spirit within a talen. You may spend a point of Gnosis to force a talen active if the challenge fails.


A Garou may only carry a number of talens equal to twice their permanent Gnosis Traits.


Example List of Talens

Storytellers should use the following list as a starting point and guideline for overall power level. Talens shouldn’t be as powerful as similar fetishes. Talens that are listed on the wiki are considered commonly known to characters unless they are Tribe specific. If you want to make a talen not listed on our wiki, you must get Storyteller approval prior to attempting to make the talen. You can request to make talens from appropriate World of Darkness books published by White Wolf or unique talens of your own design and creativity.


List of by book talens

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