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A werewolf's Auspice is like a caste, a sacred part to play in Garou society. Five Auspices exist, one for each phase of the moon: the phase a werewolf is born under determines their Auspice. This role has great spiritual importance, being considered a gift of Luna herself, and being closely tied to the supernatural wrath Garou call Rage.


While the descriptions of the Auspices below are broadly true, every Tribe interprets these Auspices a bit differently, and furthermore each Garou has an individual take on how to perform their role. Garou frown upon those who act outside their Auspice -- a Galliard who spends too much time dealing with the spirits, for example -- but accusing another of such is often difficult to prove.


Ragabash: the New Moon

Scouts and spies, tricksters and clowns; Ragabash Garou have many names for themselves, but the most traditional is perhaps "Questioner of the Ways." The Garou call upon those born beneath the New Moon to investigate the secrets of the world, both gathering intelligence on enemies and revealing the foibles of those who serve Gaia.

  • Duties: Gather information on enemy activity, and discover new incursions of the Wyrm's corruption. Investigate wrongdoing among the Garou and bring evidence before the Philodox for judgment. Ask questions that challenge others' habitual ways of thinking. Mock the proud, lighten heavy hearts, and avoid becoming too  predictable.
  • Starting Rage: One
  • Additional Information: Ragabash Gifts and Renown requirements
  • Luna's Phase Name: Phoebe


Theurge: the Crescent Moon

Werewolves of the Theurge Auspice are mediators between the Garou and the spirit worlds. Experts in supernatural mysteries, they serve as priests and shamans, directing the religious life of the Garou. Some Theurges see themselves as healers who restore the spiritual balance in all things; others see themselves as purifiers, burning the spiritual corruption out of Gaia's body by skill and strength of will.

  • Duties: Learn about the spirits and the Umbra. Foster good relations between the spirits and the Garou. Oversee the proper performance of everyday Rites, and perform significant Rites at the proper times in the proper ways. Create Talens and Fetishes. Solve supernatural mysteries.
  • Starting Rage: Two
  • Additional Information: Theurge Gifts and Renown requirements
  • Luna's Phase Name: Hecate 


Philodox: the Half-Moon

The Philodox Auspice, born beneath the half moon, counts justice and balance among its highest virtues. Garou look to the Philodox to oversee disputes and challenges, to bring peace, and to take decisive action on difficult questions. Matters of Honor, the Litany, and how to apply ancient Garou traditions to modern problems fill the Philodox mind.

  • Duties: Know the Litany and all its competing interpretations. Render judgment in matters of Garou law and scandal. Make peace where there is unnecessary conflict between Garou, overseeing challenges where necessary. Ensure that traditions are being followed. Balance your own nature and bring balance to others.
  • Starting Rage: Three
  • Additional Information: Philodox Gifts and Renown requirements
  • Luna's Phase Name: Sokhta 


Galliard: the Gibbous Moon

Galliards give voice to the deepest passions driving the Garou. First and foremost, they are storytellers, recounting the heroic tales of the werewolves' ancestors, and adding new stories of the achievements of their own packs. It is through the tales of the Galliards that other Garou grow in Renown. Galliard-crafted songs and speeches guard the hearts of their brothers and sisters, setting the tone for their war against Gaia's enemies.

  • Duties: Tell the stories of glorious, wise and honorable accomplishments by the other Garou of your sept: do the same for their shameful mistakes. Learn the history of your ancestors and apply those lessons of the past to the modern day. Maintain morale; remind the Garou what they're fighting for.
  • Starting Rage: Four
  • Additional Information: Galliard Gifts and Renown requirements
  • Luna's Phase Name: Diana 


Ahroun: the Full Moon

All werewolves are warriors -- but Ahrouns are paragons of the role. Garou born beneath the full moon lead the charge against the Wyrm, first into battle and last out. They organize the other Auspices into tactical strike teams, leveraging the strengths of each Auspice toward maximum destructive potential. They study the arts of war and train others in those skills. Young Ahrouns are born to be soldiers; Ahrouns who survive to an older age become their generals.

  • Duties: Master the arts of war, becoming versatile in any combat situation. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of the enemies of Gaia. Lead other Garou on missions against the enemy. Train younger warriors. Guard the Caern and improve its defenses.
  • Starting Rage: Five
  • Additional Information: Ahroun Gifts and Renown requirements
  • Luna's Phase Name: Selene 


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