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Flaws are optional, unique disadvantages a character may possess. You may add them when you build your werewolf to gain their listed point value in Freebie Points.


Unlike gaining merits, removing flaws does not necessarily simply take a set of downtimes. The source and nature of flaws are not all created equal, and varying efforts will be needed to remove them. IF you want to remove a flaw, e-mail the storytellers about which flaw you want to remove, along with a stated why and how you would do it. In some situations, if you have removed the cause of the flaw, a storyteller will simply give you permission to remove it. Once the removal is approved, you can remove them from your character by spending double their point value in Experience Points. Until you spent the experience points to remove it, you are treated as still having it.


Merits are similar to Flaws, only they give your character unique advantages instead.


Some Flaws are Restricted. The rules are here, but without special Storyteller approval, you may not select Restricted Flaws.


Additional Flaws can be discovered in other rulebooks. If a Flaw is not listed here, do not take it for your character unless the Storytellers explicitly approve it. Then send the rules for the Flaw to the bookkeeper so that they can be published here.


Complete List of Flaws


  • Absent-Minded (2 Trait Flaw) While you retain your Abilities thanks to long practice, lesser details (names, dates, what you discovered while out scouting, where you put down that Fetish) easily slip your mind. If you're under stress, remembering anything more than your own name requires a static Mental Challenge (against a Storyteller-determined difficulty) or the expenditure of a Willpower Trait. 
  • Addiction (1 or 2 Trait Flaw) You need a certain substance in your body to perform at your peak. You suffer a two-Trait penalty on all challenges if you haven't partaken in that substance within a number of hours equal to your permanent Willpower. This Flaw is worth one Trait for a legal addiction like booze and smokes; it's worth two Traits for an illegal addiction like meth or coke. 
  • Amnesia (2 Trait Flaw) -- Restricted. You recall nothing of your past. You may create your character normally, but try not to come up with why you have the skills you have, or why you lost your memory -- the Storyteller will come up with these for you. You can also take an unspecified number of Flaws (up to the usual total of seven, which includes this one) that the Storyteller will assign for you. This Flaw is Restricted because it requires so much extra Storyteller work.
  • Animal Musk (1 Trait Flaw) You give of the strong odor of a wild wolf, no matter how often you bathe. This doesn't hamper your interaction with wolves or Lupus Garou, of course, but in all other situations where your smell is noticeable (i.e., anytime you're not downwind), you're two Traits down on Social Challenges.
  • Bad Sight (1 or 3 Trait Flaw) Gaia didn't see fit to fix your vision when she gave you the power to shapeshift. You are two Traits down in all challenges that require careful eyesight, like aiming or searching for clues. If you can correct your vision with contacts or glasses, this Flaw is worth one Trait; if your vision simply can't be fixed, it's worth three.
  • Banned Transformation (1 to 5 Trait Flaw) A certain substance or circumstance prevents you from Changing to any form except your breed form. You can still hold the shape you're in, but trying to shift to some other shape except your breed form will require you to spend a Willpower Trait and win a Willpower Challenge versus the difficulty of the Flaw. For one or two Trait, you have difficulty shifting under a rare-to-occasional circumstance, such as when soothing music is played, or while you're wet. For three or four Traits, it's a common or dangerous circumstance -- such as in the presence of fire or silver. For five Traits, you usually can't shift at all, such as if your Auspice moon must be in the sky. Discuss your exact idea with the Storyteller.
  • Blind (6 Trait Flaw) Whether you were born this way or you were scarred in battle, the result is the same: you can't see. You lose all ties in challenges where sight would help. You lose all challenges outright in which sight is required.
  • Color Blindness (1 Trait Flaw) You see in shades of bright and dark. Colors are meaningless to you.
  • Compulsion (1 or 2 Trait Flaw) Some say it's a bad habit, but in fact a quirk of your psychology forces you to engage in this behavior. A one-Trait Compulsion is an annoying but harmless practice, like cleanliness, perfectionism, bragging, exaggeration or talking too much. A two-Trait Compulsion is illegal, immoral or dangerous, like stealing, thrill-seeking or bloodletting. Only by spending a Willpower Trait can you avoid acting on a compulsion during a scene, or when the temptation presents itself.
  • Curiosity (2 Trait Flaw) You just have to know. Mysteries and puzzles pull you in and don't let go. In order to avoid a temptation to investigate a new mystery, you must either spend a Willpower, or win a static Mental Challenge against a number of Traits determined by the Storyteller.
  • Cursed (1 to 5 Trait Flaw) An agent of the supernatural has cursed you in some fashion. The strength of the curse determines how much of a Flaw it is. One- and two-Trait curses are minor-to-middling inconveniences, such as being cursed to accidentally break something in every room you enter, or cursed to never be attractive to a blonde. Three- and four-trait curses are common and dangerous: your guns might always jam when you need them most, or perhaps you're as vulnerable to steel as you are to silver. A five-Trait curse is deadly enough that it'll probably kill you, or worse, such as being magically compelled to follow any order given to you by a creature of the Wyrm. Work with a Storyteller to determine the exact effects of your curse, and how (and if) it can be overcome.
  • Dark Fate (5 Trait Flaw) -- Restricted. You know how your story will end: badly. Premonitions and omens of your impending doom have haunted you for years. You're certain they'll soon come true. The Storyteller may give you such visions during any game session, at which point you must either spend one Willpower or take a one-Trait penalty to all challenges for the rest of the night. Furthermore, the Storyteller may choose a terrible end for your character and explicitly bring it to pass. This Flaw is Restricted because of the extra Storyteller involvement it requires.
  • Dark Secret (1 Trait Flaw) There's a terrible crime in your past that you must cover up, or some unspeakable fact about yourself that you hide. Perhaps you mated with a fellow Garou, willingly did the bidding of a vampire, or ate the flesh of men. If this is discovered, you'll be punished at least -- made pariah or killed at worst.
  • Deaf (4 Trait Flaw) You cannot hear, either as a result of birth or injury. You fail any challenge that involves hearing. You suffer the effects of Surprise by anyone approaching you from outside your line of sight. You probably have some speech impediments, as your ability to hear yourself and others affects your own speech.
  • Derangement (2 Trait Flaw) This is a special class of flaw representing mental illness. Choose from the list of Derangements.
  • Disfigured (2 Trait Flaw) Your appearance is visibly scarred or deformed, be it from birth or through injury. People have an easy time spotting and remembering you. You are down two Traits in all Social Challenges other than those related to Intimidation, and you may not take any Impressive Social Traits (or synonyms). 
  • Driving Goal (3 Trait Flaw) You're obsessed with doing the impossible. Some limitless goal directs your every effort, even though you can never fully achieve it. Redeeming the Black Spiral Dancer tribe, resurrecting the Croatan, destroying all vampires -- whatever it is, it takes first priority in your life, above and beyond all other goals and loyalties. You can suppress this drive for a scene by spending a Mental Trait, and for a session by spending a Willpower Trait, but this leaves you feeling restless and unhappy afterward.
  • Enemy (1 to 5 Trait Flaw) -- Restricted. Someone out there wants to ruin you. If you're lucky, they just want you dead, rather than wantnig to make you watch while they destroy everything you love. The Flaw is worth more Traits for a more powerful Enemy. One Trait is an Enemy equal to you in capability, like a fellow Gaian Garou with a grudge; five Traits might be a group of powerful enemies, like a secretive pack of high-ranking Black Spiral Dancers destroying you from the shadows. Work with the Storytellers to determine who this enemy is and how they operate. This Flaw is Restricted because of all the extra work this will require.
  • Forced Transformation (1 to 5 Trait Flaw) Some substance or situation forces you to change forms -- only by spending a Willpower Trait can you avoid shifting. Choose a trigger, and the shape you take. One Trait is an uncommon trigger that forces you into a not-too-inconvenient shape, such as being forced into Glabro when you're drunk. Three Traits involves common triggers and inconvenient shapes, such as being forced into Crinos whenever you detect a Wyrm presence. Five-Trait Forced Transformations are common and dangerously inconvenient, such as being forced into Homid form whenever silver is in the room.
  • Foul Temper (2 trait flaw) -Restricted-  You suffer from perpetual anger, and this shows in your words and actions. You are quick to snap at packmates and lose your temper easily. Because you are so angry so often, you find it more difficult to accumulate Rage as anger is your normal state of being, and it's hard to focus your wrath into something more potent. Whenever you encounter a situation that would normally result in your gaining a point of Rage, you must make a Willpower chop (difficulty 6) to do so.
  • Geas (1-5) - Restricted -  You are under some kind of geas at the beginning of play, most likely a Ban, but possibly a long-term quest. This geas may be a family curse or duty that you have inherited, or it may have been imposed on you by a changeling using the Sovereign Art. The difficulty of the geas determines how great a Flaw it is. Something minor, such as a Ban against harming animals or a requirement to give occasionally to charity, would only be worth one point. More difficult geas are worth more points. A five-point geas is something that rules your entire life, like a Ban against sleeping in the same place more than one night or a quest that requires you to render aid to anyone in need you encounter. The Storyteller decides the exact value of whatever geas you choose.
  • Hatred (3 Trait Flaw) You have an irrationally powerful hatred for something, which drives you to make poor decisions. Even a casual mention of it in conversation sets you on edge. If you ever encounter it, you must spend a Willpower or immediately enter a Berserk Frenzy that won't end until you destroy the object of your hatred, or it escapes you. The object of your Hatred must not be trivial; there must be a good chance of encountering it in play.
  • Harano-Prone (4 Trait Flaw) You're especially susceptible to the crushing depression of Harano -- a conviction that the war for Gaia has already been lost. Any time you suffer a significant loss, such the death of a friend or the loss of an important challenge, attempt a Willpower Challenge against six Traits. If you lose, you fall into Harano (a state that is very difficult to escape). If you have ever been in Harano previously and recovered, it doesn't even take a major loss -- make this test every time your Auspice moon is in the sky. You'll be fighting this battle for the rest of your life.
  • Hard of Hearing (1 Trait Flaw) Your hearing has been damaged. Take a two-Trait penalty on all related challenges.
  • Haunted (3 Trait Flaw) -- Restricted. A restless ghost has fixated on you. Your living torment has become the focus of its passions. At inopportune times, it manifests, screams, shoves you, gives you hallucinations, makes devices malfunction, or drips blood from the walls. The Storyteller will create the ghost, although you should describe how it's connected to you. This Flaw is restricted because manifesting a ghost is difficult for a Storyteller to pull off reliably while overseeing the rest of the game.
  • Hubris (3 Trait Flaw) -- Silver Fangs Only. Most Silver Fangs have a high opinion of themselves, but your arrogance knows no bounds. You sneer down your nose at lesser tribes, and you explain their uncooperative behavior in terms of their jealousy of your breeding. You are certain that the Celestines themselves know your name and hold a great destiny for you. Even other Silver Fangs think your self-entitled behavior is a bit over-the-top. You suffer all the effects of the Overconfident Flaw (below), and you are at a two-Trait penalty in all Social Challenges when dealing with your "inferiors" (which is just about everyone) -- although of course, you rationalize away all such challenges you lose.
  • Hunted (3 Trait Flaw) -- Restricted.  You're known to a powerful hunter or group of hunters who consider your continued freedom and/or existence a threat. They have the connections and the resources to make your life difficult, and they also have a means of dealing with the Delirium. You must constantly keep up your guard, lest they find an opportunity to deal with you once and for all -- but the longer you evade them, the more likely they will try to strike at your through your allies and kinfolk. This Flaw is restricted due to the extra work it requires from the Storytellers.
  • Illiterate (2 Trait Flaw) You never learned to read any written language (which includes Garou glyphs). You must buy off this Flaw before you can even begin to pick up the basics.
  • Inept (5 Trait Flaw) You're the product of a terrible past that left you barely able to get by. You scraped together a few basic skills, but you have difficulty improving them: you never properly learned how to learn. Until you overcome this handicap and buy off this Flaw, you may not buy any Ability or Influence above one Trait.
  • Infertile (3 Trait Flaw) -- Restricted. You cannot bear or sire children. Metis cannot take this Flaw, as it's innate to their breed. This condition is irreversible by any means.
  • Isolated upbringing (2 point flaw) You were raised in your supernatural society, or were somehow otherwise sequestered away from "normal" life, so you have trouble dealing with this Outside-World thing. Dealing with any community outside the one in which you were raised adds 1 to social difficulties, or reduces your Social by one. 
  • Insomniac (2 point flaw)  For Whatever reason, you have tremendous trouble getting more than a few hours of sleep. You often feel groggy and slow as a result. Increased difficulty of any Alertness, Awareness or Intuition by -2.
  • Intolerance (1 Trait Flaw) A powerful dislike for a certain thing makes it difficult for you to deal with it rationally. This difficulty puts you one Trait down in all challenges where you deal with the object of your intolerance. The object of your dislike must not be trivial; there must be a good chance of encountering it in play.
  • Jackal's Blood (5 Trait Flaw) --Bone Gnawers Only. Fate usually has it in for the Bone Gnawers, but you got an extra helping of bad luck. Once per session, a Storyteller or Narrator may invoke your Jackal's Blood to make you automatically lose one challenge. Every time you begin a scene with a Storyteller or Narrator, you must tell them that you have this Flaw, if it hasn't yet been triggered that game.
  • Jupiter Descending: (6 pt Flaw)-restricted-  You are very unlucky. Murphy’s Law seems to apply to you and you alone sometimes. Fortunately, your bad luck doesn’t spread to others-which means that you tend not to want to take responsibility for them. The Storyteller can call your Jupiter Descending as a cancel on any chop. 
  • Lame (3 Trait Flaw) Your legs have been damaged in a way your regenerative powers cannot heal. On all challenges of movement you suffer a two-Trait penalty.
  • Lifesaver (3 Trait Flaw) -- non-Garou Only. Life is sacred; it should be healed and redeemed whenever possible, not destroyed, Killing goes against everything you believe yourself to be. You're at a two-Trait penalty in any challenge that may result in another's death, and if you ever are responsible for a death, you plunge into a long dark night of the soul. Perhaps you can kill truly monstrous beasts, like mutant fomori and ravening vampires, but the least hint of humanity -- such as the fomor who doesn't know what she is, or the genteel leech -- brings you up short.
  • Limited Affinity to Gaia (3 Trait Flaw) Choose either Cities or Wilderness: you cannot feel Gaia in such places, and so you cannot regain Gnosis there. You can always regain Gnosis at Caern, no matter its location. Glass Walkers and Red Talons cannot take this Flaw if it mirrors their tribal disadvantage.
  • Lost Homid (2 Trait Flaw) -- Homid Bone Gnawers Only. Your First Change was so intense that it tore away all memory of your prior life. Coming to your senses surrounded by the half-eaten bodies of those you killed is your first memory. You ran or wandered for a long time before the Bone Gnawers found you and took you in. You don't really understand how humans live, but at the same time, you're not a wolf -- you don't fit well anywhere but with the tribe. You cannot begin play with civilized human Abilities (Academics, Computer, Law, etc.) or any Backgrounds that tie you to humanity (Allies, Contacts, Influence, etc.).
  • Low Self-Image (2 Trait Flaw) Someone broke your spirit. You have no confidence in your own skill or worth. You have a two-Trait penalty in any situation where you don't expect to succeed -- which is often -- and at Narrator discretion you may even have to spend Willpower before attempting something that takes a belief in oneself.
  • Lunacy (1 Trait Flaw) You're especially susceptible to Luna's wild moods: during your Auspice moon, you are at a two-Trait penalty to all Frenzy tests. 
  • Mark of the Predator (2 Trait Flaw) -- Restricted. Your monstrous nature is clear to the animal world. Most animals avoid and flee from you. Fellow predators (even wolves) view you as a threat to be driven away. You can never possess the Ability Animal Ken
  • Mars Descending: (6 pt Flaw) -restricted-  You have a lot of unexpressed anger, and even your inner Rage is hard to express. You don’t handle conflict well. You are always -1 from your trait total in physical. You can only spend up to two Rage per combat. 
  • Mercury Descending: (3 pt Flaw) -restricted- If you are born under the sign of Mercury as it sets in the night sky, then limitations, boundaries, and barriers will rep resent particular problems for you. Every time you deal with a normal boundary (such as a bureaucracy, the Gauntlet, or even a locked door) you will receive a penalty of -2. 
  • Monstrous (3 Trait Flaw) Even in human shape you look hideous and terrifying. The only Social Challenges you may initiate are those related to Intimidation. You may not purchase any Appearance-related Social Traits, such as Impressive or its synonyms (Alluring, Gorgeous, Dignified, etc.).
  • Mute (4 Trait Flaw) Whether through injury or inborn disability, you cannot speak or howl. You need pen and paper, a level of Linguistics in Sign Language, of a gift like Mindspeak in order to communicate.
  • Nightmares (1 Trait Flaw) Some terrible trauma or dark fate subjects you to vivid nightmares every time you sleep. At the start of every session, make a challenge with a Narrator. If you lose, you're exhausted from lack of sleep and distracted by half-remembered dreams, which puts you down two Traits on every Challenge.
  • Notoriety (3 Trait Flaw) You did something pretty awful in your past. It has been dealt with, but it's public knowledge and it taints all your interactions with other Garou. You are 2 Traits down on your Social Challenges against other Gaian Garou. Only the Black Spiral Dancers really respect you... 
  • One Arm (3 Trait Flaw) Something took an arm off you. You're used to it, so your remaining arm is considered primary -- but in addition to the obvious setbacks, you're at a two-Trait penalty any time two hands would be needed.
  • One Eye (2 Trait Flaw) You lost an eye. On all challenges that require depth perception, such as ranged combat, you're at a two-Trait penalty.
  • Overconfident (1 Trait Flaw) You have a foolhardy confidence in your own capabilities. You take risks that others would balk at, because you're just that awesome. You're unlikely to accept help from others when you can rely on your own abilities.
  • Pack Mentality (2 Trait Flaw) The pack is everything to you. Apart from them, you do not know who you are. You're one Trait down on all challenges when you're acting without packmates by your side; in very stressful situations you may have to spent Willpower to act at all. On the other hand, in challenges where two or more of your packmates are involved, you're one Trait up on your challenges, as you act with assurance of your place in the world.
  • Permanent Wound (3 Trait Flaw) Your body is permanently maimed, from either a deep battle scar or an injury that predates your first Change. You have one less Healthy and one less Bruised health level than is normal.
  • Persistent Parents (2 Trait Flaw) -- Restricted. You vanished from your old life when you became a Garou, but your parents weren't willing to accept that. They are resourceful and determined, dead-set on tracking you down and bringing you home. They will not take no for an answer until you're under their control again, for your own good. This Flaw is restricted because of the extra work it requires from the Storytellers in order to have an effect.
  • Phobia (1 or 3 Trait Flaw) Deep in your subconscious, an irrational fear has taken root. Choose the subject of your phobia -- heights, spiders, crowds, confined spaces are all common ones -- and do everything in your power to avoid it. With a one-Trait Flaw, you can make a Willpower challenge to safely approach the object of your fear; if you fail, you must flee until it's out of sight, although you can escape safely. A three-Trait Flaw means you make a Frenzy test instead at a two-Trait penalty, and if you lose you enter Fox Frenzy to escape.
  • Pierced Veil (3 Trait Flaw) You must have Unicorn's touch on you, because your Crinos form doesn't trigger the Delirium in normal humans. This makes you a threat to the Veil and an easy mark for hunters. Children of Gaia cannot take this Flaw (since their entire tribe has it). 
  • Reluctant Warrior (2 Trait Flaw) Despite your Garou nature, you loathe fighting and have to force yourself to enter battle. Once you have committed yourself to the fray, you do not have any trouble using all your abilities to their fullest; however, you never initiate combat of your own accord. This Flaw does not affect your ability to defend yourself when attacked. When you Frenzy, you default to Fox Frenzy unless the situation is dire enough for an ST to rule otherwise. 
  • Short (1 point flaw)  You are well below average height — four and a half feet (1.5 meters) tall or less in Homid form. Your diminutive size causes you problems, making it difficult to see over obstacles, reach high shelves, or manipulate things built for average individuals. This lack of stature is mirrored in all of your forms. Your running speed is halved. At ST discretion you may gain a +2 hiding bonus.
  • Short Fuse (2 Trait Flaw) Your Rage masters you easily; you are at a 2-trait penalty on all frenzy tests. You're likely to hurt a lot of people you care about thanks to your lack of self-control.
  • Sign of the Wolf (2 Trait Flaw) Your Homid shape conforms to all the traditional marks of being a werewolf: your eyebrows grow together, you have hair on your palms, your second and third fingers are equally long, and during your auspice moon a pentagram may even appear on your palms. Hunters and occultists will know what you are when they notice these signs.
  • Soft-Hearted (1 Trait Flaw) You have a strong sense of empathy, so seeing others suffer cuts you deep. Any time you witness suffering, you must bid an extra Trait in all challenges for the rest of the scene.
  • Strict Carnivore (1 Trait Flaw). You can only eat meat, which makes you rather conspicuous in human dining contexts.
  • Taint of Corruption (7 Trait Flaw) Your spirit is permanently corrupted, claimed by the Wyrm as its own. Maybe you did something to earn this karma, or maybe you were the victim of a powerful Bane. In any case, Garou don't trust you: they don't want you areound their cubs or their kinfolk or on their caerns. The Wyrm, however, is just the opposite: it's always giving you opportunities to join in on the winning side of the Apocalypse, promising you hate and depravity. This Flaw is debilitating to play: only staunch advocates like packmates can ease your isolation. Cleansing yourself of this taint is possible in theory, but the dangerous quests involved are more likely to kill you than heal you.
  • Tangential (1 Trait Flaw) -- Galliards Only. You're a crappy storyteller. You bore your listeners to tears with the meandering laundry lists of facts you call stories. You can't stay on topic, let alone make it interesting. You're two Traits down on all Expression and Performance challenges of story-telling.
  • Territorial (3 Trait Flaw) You've claimed a specific area as your turf, and you do not suffer fools to invade it. You don't even like to leave it yourself, because while you're away, you can't protect it. Whenever uninvited guests stop by, test for Frenzy.
  • Too Curious ( 3 trait flaw) - Bastet only-  “Curiosity killed the cat,” as they say, and chances are it was the sorry carcass of one of your ancestors that coined the expression. While all Bastet love secrets, you are positively insane for them and will quite literally follow a mystery to hell and back in order to puzzle it out. In game terms, whenever a mystery of some kind presents itself, you must make a Willpower Challenge; failure means that you’ll go out of your way - really out of your way - to uncover the answer. The difficulty of this test depends on how much work it looks like you’ll have to do; the simpler the mystery appears, the harder the test will be. Note the emphasis on “appears” - many great mysteries begin from something that seems quite simple in the beginning!
  • Twisted Upbringing (1 Trait Flaw) Whether accidentally or malevolently, your teachers misled you. Almost everything you think you know about the Garou is wrong. When others attempt to correct you, you'll humor them at best, but you won't believe them. You'll need to buy off this Flaw before you can win any respect in the Garou Nation. You do not begin with free Garou Lore.
  • Veiled (5 Trait Flaw) -- Kinfolk Only. Unlike most kinfolk, you suffer the effects of the Delirium. Seeing Garou in their war-forms undermines your rational mind, forcing you to flee, screaming; your memories of this after the fact are hazy and unpleasant. You also suffer the Curse -- any Garou with more Rage than your Willpower + 2 makes you distinctly uncomfortable, as if they're just waiting for the chance to kill and eat you.
  • Venus Descending: (2 pt Flaw) -restricted-  You are unlucky in love. Perhaps it is your appearance, perhaps it’s just bad Karma. You also have a hard time getting people to listen to you. The Bone Gnawers have great respect for people born under this aspect, because they see Venus Descending as a test of a person’s mettle. Any roll involving Socials is always one higher in difficulty. If you are a Bone Gnawer, however, receive 5 temp Honor renown as a one-time bonus. 
  • Wanted by Law Enforcement (3 pt) You're the prime suspect in a Felony crime, and the police are actively searching for you. Your assets are frozen, your regular known hangouts watched closely, and your known associates might be called on to provide your whereabouts. This flaw is severe enough that you cannot simply walk into a police station to clear up the matter, even if you happen to be innocent. This flaw cannot be bought off at all unless you either undergo the long and difficult process of clearing your name or you somehow deflect official attention in a big way. 
  • Ward (3 Trait Flaw) You're utterly committed to the protection of a human or wolf. They may be kinfolk family, a lover, or perhaps a close friend from before your Change. Your Ward has an uncanny knack for being targeted by the darker powers of the world; you're never really assured of their safety.
  • Wolf Years (5 Trait Flaw) -- Restricted. Most Garou begin aging at a human rate after their first Change. You age at a wolf rate, suffering seven years of aging for every one trip around the sun. Five years after your first change, you will begin feeling the infirmities of old age; five more and you'll probably be dead. (Restricted because it is over-costed for little effect.

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