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Physical, Social and Mental Traits

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Physical, Social, and Mental Traits are three categories of Traits that describe your character. They are used in the game's main resolution system, Challenges.


Physical Traits

These three Traits describe your character's physical capabilities.

  • Quick: This trait governs how swift, sure-of-foot, and nimble you are. It's good for dodging attacks, leaping and firing ranged weapons.
  • Strong: This trait describes how much power your body can bring to bear. It's good for close-combat fighting and feats of strength.
  • Tough: This trait tells how long you can endure exhaustion and damage. It's good for shrugging off blows in combat.


Social Traits

These Traits describe your character's interpersonal capabilities.

  • Charismatic: This trait tells how personable and friendly you can be. Use it to charm people and to give persuasive speeches.
  • Impressive: This trait governs how well you can impress people with your appearance. Use it to seduce, intimidate or inspire others.
  • Manipulative: This trait describes how well you get what you want out of people. Use it to deceive people and work political angles.


Mental Traits

These Traits describe the capabilities of your character's mind.

  • Intelligent: This trait describes your education and mastery of knowledge. Use it to recall esoteric facts and solve puzzles.
  • Perceptive: This trait tells how attentive you are to the world around you. It's good for noticing hidden, unusual or notable clues.
  • Wily: This trait governs how creative and quick-thinking you can be. It's good for outsmarting others and finding unexpected solutions.


Trait Maximums

You may have a total of Traits in each category (Physical, Social, and Mental) no greater than a limit set by your Rank:


Trait Maximum
13 Traits
Cub 10 traits
11 Traits
12 Traits
14 Traits
16 Traits
18 Traits


Certain Tribe Merits and Totem Benefits may allow you to possess Traits above these maximums.


Trait Synonyms

You may change the names of your original traits, or even have a mix of Traits that describe the same concept. Bid these Traits in any situation where the original Trait would suffice. You can come up with synonyms that aren't in these lists.


Physical Trait Synonyms

  • Quick: Acrobatic, Agile, Athletic, Dexterous, Graceful, Lithe, Nimble, Swift
  • Strong: Brawny, Brutal, Energetic, Ferocious, Muscular, Powerful, Stalwart, Vigorous, Wiry
  • Tough: Enduring, Resilient, Relentless, Robust, Rugged, Steady, Tenacious, Tireless


Social Trait Synonyms

  • Charismatic: Charming, Eloquent, Empathetic, Engaging, Expressive, Friendly, Genial, Nice, Warm, Witty
  • Impressive: Alluring, Composed, Dignified, Elegant, Intimidating, Gorgeous, Magnetic, Seductive, Sexy, Scary
  • Manipulative: Beguiling, Commanding, Convincing, Diplomatic, Ingratiating, Persuasive, Slick, Subtle


Mental Trait Synonyms  

  • Intelligent: Dedicated, Determined, Wise, Disciplined, Knowledgeable, Rational, Reflective, Smart
  • Perceptive: Alert, Attentive, Aware, Discerning, Insightful, Observant, Vigilant, Watchful
  • Wily: Clever, Creative, Cunning, Intuitive, Inventive, Patient, Quick-Thinking, Shrewd

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