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Nature and Demeanor

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Your Nature is who you truly are, the essence of your self. Your Demeanor is how you present yourself to others. Both come from the same list.


List of Natures and Demeanors

These are not all possible Natures and Demeanors; just about any one- or two-word phrase describing a character archetype can be used as a Nature or Demeanor if you don't find anything here that suits you.


  • Architect: You mean to build something with your life that will have value beyond your years.
  • Autist: You hide truths about yourself from others, preferring to maintain secrecy.
  • Autocrat: Power is its own reward, and you mean to be rewarded.
  • Avant-Garde: You want to break new ground and set the trends others will follow.
  • Bon Vivant: You live life large, always on the lookout for a good time.
  • Bravo: Others call you a bully, the crybabies. You just like to be respected. Or feared.
  • Caregiver: You suffer alongside the suffering of others, and reach out to care for them.
  • Child: You haven't really grown up yet. You need someone to look out for you.
  • Competitor: You're the best, and you're going to prove it. Life's a game to be won.
  • Confidant: You want people to talk to you. You're ready to listen to their feelings and secrets.
  • Conformist: Born to follow, you love fitting in with everyone else.
  • Conniver: Why do the work when you can get someone else to do it for you?
  • Critic: You mean to improve the world by pointing out all its failings.
  • Curmudgeon: You've seen it all, and that has made you a cynic.
  • Deviant: There's something truly bizarre about you. You've never fit in and never will.
  • Director: Leading others is second nature to you. You organize and achieve.
  • Fanatic: Nobody's as dedicated to the cause as you are. You'll do anything in its name.
  • Gallant: You enjoy being the showoff at the center of attention. You need their praise to feel good.
  • Jester: Whether you love making people laugh or you're just masking your pain, you're always making a joke.
  • Jobsworth: You establish efficient procedures and then stick to them. It's all part of doing the job.
  • Judge: You express strong opinions about right and wrong, impartial of your own situation.
  • Loner: You don't need anyone to get by. You don't even really want the company.
  • Martyr: To sacrifice oneself for others is the highest good, and you mean to give everything up.
  • Masochist: Your own suffering drives and inspires you. Pain and struggle leads to greater insights.
  • Optimist: In a world full of darkness, you still believe there is good to be found.
  • Penitent: What you've done is unforgivable. All you can do now is try to atone.
  • Perfectionist: Your standards are as high as they come, and you mean to live up to them.
  • Poltroon: Danger and pain and hardship? Not your thing. All you want to do is avoid trouble.
  • Rebel: The status is not quo! You kick tradition in the shins and blaze your own trail.
  • Scientist: Knowledge is power, and everything can be understood with enough discipline.
  • Survivor: The world has tried to beat you down, but you keep hanging on. You're in this for you.
  • Sycophant: You need someone bigger and stronger than you to tell you you're worthy.
  • Traditionalist: The status is quo. You uphold the traditions, time-tested by your ancestors.
  • Visionary: You aspire to a higher calling that's sometimes difficult to express.


Regaining Willpower with your Nature

If you are low on unspent Willpower Traits and you role-play in a way you feel uniquely satisfies your Nature, inform a Storyteller. The Storyteller may opt to give you simple Rock-Paper-Scissors throw. On a win or a tie, you earn back one Willpower Trait. Alternatively, the Storyteller can opt to reward you one Willpower trait without requiring a challenge for particularly good demonstration of roleplaying your character's Nature. 

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