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Complete Rules Index

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The Basics


Building Your Sheet


Experience Points


Core Character Rules

Werewolf Rules



Spirits and the Umbra


Fera/Changeling Rules 


Rules From Other Sources

If you would like to add something to your character (such as a new Merit, Gift, or Rite) that incorporates rules from a source other than this wiki, first get the approval of the Storytellers. Then e-mail the rules for that item to the STaff.


If you already have something on your character sheet that you can't find on the wiki, please do the same: e-mail the rules to STaff, and they will add it. In this way we will eventually complete all the rules on this site!


Recent Rules Changes

The most recent rules changes to affect the game can be found here.  This page is updated manually. Please e-mail the STaff if you notice a change that is not listed.

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