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Experience Points

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Experience Points (XP) are a measure of how your character learns and grows over time. You earn them for attending games and spend them to acquire new and more effective capabilities for your character.


Earning Experience Points

You earn XP for the following:

  • Attending a game session (+4/+3/+2 XP*)
    • Wearing a costume that is specific to your character (+1 XP) 
    • When you're visiting another game in a different city (+1 XP)
  • Being awarded for good role-playing during a game (+1 XP)
  • When you come to your first game (+1 XP)
  • When you bring a guest to game (+1 XP) 
  • Bringing a new player who attends for three game sessions (+1 XP)
  • Helping clean up the game site at the end of the night (+1 XP)
  • Other various ways of contributing to the game (Storytellers' discretion)


*You cannot earn more than 12/10/8 XP per month, depending on the size of your sheet (0-199 points, 200-399, and 400+). If you permanently retire your character or if it dies, you may transfer any unspent XP up to the 60 point cap per the new character generation rules.


Spending Experience Points

Spend your XP by describing what you want to purchase on the website Haller.  You can add it to your downtimes emails as well.


If you're not sure how much XP you have available to spent, you can find the number at the top of the character sheet you receive at the game. Also, it will be updated on Haller after game.


What You Can Buy


  • Physical, Social or Mental Traits cost 1 XP per Trait. Your Rank limits the number of total Traits you can have in each category.
  • Ability Traits cost 1 XP per Trait. You cannot have more than five Traits in any one Ability without bonuses from Totems, Tribe or the like. 
    • An Ability Specialization costs 1 XP. You may buy one Specialization for an Ability at level 3, and a second Specialization for an Ability at level 5.
    • Lores are a special class of Ability you can only learn from other characters. (They still cost 1 XP apiece.) You cannot purchase a Lore without citing a character who is willing to teach you.
      • Garou Lore, Spirit Lore, and your Tribe Lore are a special case: you can learn up to half your Rank (round up) without citing a teacher. 
  • New Gnosis, Rage or Willpower Trait: 3 XP for each Gnosis, Rage or Willpower Trait. Remember Rank limits.  
  • Gifts cost 3 XP for Basic Gifts, 6 XP for Intermediate Gifts, and 9 XP for Advanced Gifts. You are limited by your Rank in what level of Gift you can buy, and limited by your Breed, Tribe and Auspice in what categories of Gift you can purchase.
    • You can purchase Gifts outside your Tribe, Breed and Auspice, but such purchases must first be justified with a Storyteller. They also cost an additional point of XP.
    • Advanced Gifts cannot be purchased outside of Tribe.
  • Rites are free if you are learning them from another character in the game. If you are learning them from an NPC, they cost 1 XP for Minor rites, 2 XP for Basic rites, 4 XP for Intermediate rites and 6 XP for Advanced rites.
    • Rites are also bound by time constraints. It takes half a week to learn a Minor rite, one week to learn a Basic, two weeks for Intermediates, and four weeks for Advanced. This is represented by committing an equal number of major downtimes for weeks required.
    • Remember to include your teacher's name in the e-mail.
  • Hedge Magic Paths and Psychic abilities: cost 3 XP for Basic paths, 6 XP for Intermediate paths, and 9 XP for Advanced paths.

    • Rituals for Hedge magic cost 1 XP per level of your path (basic 1 xp, Intermediate 3 xp, Advanced 6 xp). 

    • Kinfolk with Hedge Magic may learn 2 paths without any restrictions. When they finish learning their second path, they must wait a year and a day to learn a third path. When their third path is completed, the must wait a year and a day to learn a fourth path.
      • No paths may be learned beyond the fourth path without ST approval.
    • Kinfolk with Psychic based Hedge Magic are limited to 1 path beyond their psychic abilities

    • Demi supernatural (hedge magic, psychic, etc) are not permitted gnosis on top of the hedge-magic 
  • Removing a Negative Trait costs 2 XP per Trait and must be justified with the Storytellers via your Downtimes.
  • Backgrounds cost 1 XP per Trait, but you need to justify your purchase via your Downtimes first(With ST approval). 
    • Pack-related Backgrounds -- namely, Totem and Pack Tactics -- are the exception. You can buy as much as you like without additional justification, for 1 XP per Trait.
    • Influences first must be justified with the Storytellers and an appropriate number of Downtimes spent growing them. Then they cost 3 XP per Trait unless you're a Glass Walker or a Kinfolk, whom it costs 1 XP per Trait.
    • Kinfolk can be used for additional downtime actions. 
  • New Merits also must first be justified with Storytellers, including a number of Downtime Actions related to the point value of the Merit (see the page on Merits). Then they cost twice the point value of the Merit.
  • Removing a Flaw must be justified with the Storytellers via your Downtimes. It costs twice the value of the Flaw in XP to remove.
  • Renown. Make sure to inform XP Desk when you have converted 10 Temp Renown to a Permanent Renown by approval of a Storyteller confirming that Rite of Accomplishment was performed.


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