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Deed Names

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Deed Names


A Garou who starts off human usually has a human name, given by their human parents. Example, "Theo Smith".


If a garou starts off as a Lupus they might have had a name their wolf siblings and parents called them. Example, 'Prowler".


If a metis garou starts off as a Metis they might not have a name at all, an insult or a simple human name. Example, "Mother Killer"


 After that, they goes through their first rite of passage... A trial to go from a cub, to honest to Gaia warrior: A Cliath! 

  • As is tradition for the current sept most cubs gain a deed name from their rite of passage. Example, "Theo, Walks the Line".
  • It is possible when making a new character as a cliath you might pick to earn a deed name on the floor due to actions your character does.  For example, if they come from a different traditional sept they perform a deed worthy of telling the other Garou about. The Galliards will agree that it makes a story worth telling and, thus, the will have performed an honest to Gaia "Deed"... Earning them a "Deed Name". Example, "Theo, Kicks the Wyrm in the balls"


Additional deed names

It is possible to gain multiple deed names in the following ways

  • It is possible to gain a name of shame based on your deeds, usually given by a Galliard or a Phildox when being punished. Example, "Theo, Hope You Walk Alone To Your Car." 
  • You do many great deeds and Galliard who tells your tales adds another deed name to praise the great things you have done. Example, "Theo, Rends-The-Wyrm, Seeks-The-Truth, Spirit's-Guiding-Light, Heals-The-Scars, Luna's-Favored"
  • After completing a challenge for rank the person who you challenged can decide your old deed name no longer suits you and gives you a new deed name. Example, "Theo, Walks the the Line, now known as Theo, Finder of Secrets"


Examples of deed names different tribes might give:


Black Furies

Hera's Justice

Persephone's rage

Smash the Cis-tem


Bone Gnawers

This Side Up

Thirty Minutes or it's Free

Banana Split


Children of Gaia



Laughs in the Face of Death

Bad Penny



Walks theEdge

Morrigan's Daughter

Raven's Flight

Fool's Gambit





L3ets the Noobs

Teeth of Titanium


Get of Fenris

Leech Killer

Fangs First

Skull Crusher

Iron Heart


Red Talons


Eats Grass Not

Hunts Addled Prey

Sees Beyond


Silent Striders

Laughter of Duat

Eyes Ever Watchful

Travels for War

Brings the second death


Silver Fangs

Breaks necks with one hand

King Maker

Makes the Fine Point


Shadow Lords

Beilobog's Blade

Remembers Their Voices

Claws of Thunder

Kills for Sport


The Purelanders (Croatan, Uktena, Wendigo)

Howls Fading Light

Red Hawk


Ice Heart

Blood Runs Cold

Voice of the Wind



Building a Werewolf

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