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Anansi's Pin 

  • Gnosis 5 
  • Spirit: Pattern Spider 
  • Effect: Repairs 3 levels of damage to apparel armour (never got a ruling on how thay worked in combat. The thoughts at the time were either no or 1 a round)  
  • Ban: Pattern Spider are busy. For each pin in your possession you must clean one piece of graffiti or upkeep one area from debris. Each month the talen is held this must be repeated. 


Armor Talen

  • Gnosis Rating: 4
  • Spirit: Wind (Barrier Armor), Earth (Skin or Apparel), Metal (Skin or Apparel), or other spirits possessing the Armor Charm
  • Appearance: Varies based on the chosen spirit, and what type of Armor it is going to provide
  • Effect: When activated the user gains 2 Armor Levels of the chosen type (Skin, Apparel, or Barrier).  If activated where another effect is active (such as Troll Skin or Luna's Armor) the Talen will replace the currently active effect.  As per our house rules, you may not stack multiple Talens of a single category, but may use Talens from different categories (such as a Wind Talen for a Barrier Armor, an Earth Talen for an Apparel Armor, and a Metal Talen for a Skin Armor).


Atum’s Arrows (Silent Strider)

  • Gnosis 
  • Spirit: Sunlight
  • Appearance: A wooden arrow, forked at the tip
  • Effect: These arrows explode into a burst of flame immediately before impact. To enemies that have a special weakness to fire, such as vampires, they deal two additional levels of damage and all damage is aggravated.


Bane Arrow

  • Gnosis Rating: 4
  • Spirit: War, air, or pain
  • Appearance: obsidian-headed arrows
  • Effect: Activated and released, a Bane Arrow seeks out and strikes a Bane target. They can even find Banes that are hidden from your senses. Spirits struck by these arrows take one aggravated damage and cry out in pain, revealing themselves. Banes, however, can also sense when a Garou is carrying these arrows -- leading many Banes to attempt a preemptive strike.


Basket of Bones

  • Gnosis: 8
  • Spirit: Special Fire Elemental
  • Appearance: This basket is woven using plant fiber and the bones of fallen agents of the Wyrm. It is decorated with beads and has a handle carved from Ash wood.
  • Effect: Any one item of the Wyrm, be it a piece of toxic waste or a Wyrm tainted fetish, will be instantly burned to ash when placed in this basket. The basket burns away after three such items have been placed in it.

     Note: This is a difficult talen to make, and as such requires a scene to be run and cannot be made during downtimes. 


Beacon Burr

Gnosis 6

Spirit: Homing pigeon

Appearance: A burr

Effect: This fetish is activated after the burr is planted on a target. The pigeon spirit leaves the object and circles between the activator and the target for the next hour, allowing anyone in or able to perceive the Umbra to easily track them.


Bloody Bandages

  • Gnosis Rating: 7
  • Spirit: Leech
  • Appearance: Bandages soaked (probably dried) in the blood of the wearer
  • Effect: When activated the Talen heals 4 health levels of damage.  If this takes the user above full health, the user may choose to have the unused levels roll over into Skin Armor levels (as per our house rules, these may not stack with other Skin Armor effects).
  • Restriction: This talen may only be created by an Ahroun, though an Ahroun may make these for members of other auspices (soaked in their blood of course).


Bone Paint Talen (Black Fury)

  • Gnosis Rating: 7
  • Spirit: Lune
  • Appearance: Powdered Bone Paint upon the Black Fury's fur, Head to Claw.
  • Challenge: Target's Willpower vs 6 (+1 per additional Black Fury using a Bone Paint Talen)
  • Effect: The paint only activates at night to glow with a disembodied appearance on the Black Fury. Hostile opponents must succeed the willpower test or flee for 2 Rounds (+1 round per additional Black Fury using a Bone Paint Talen). Fleeing targets may still defend themselves, they are not helpless.
  • Restrictions: Black Fury only War Paint. Only works at Night (darkness does not apply). 


Body Graffiti (Bone Gnawer)

  • Gnosis 7
  • Spirit: Chameleon
  • Appearance: Body paint made from trash or dung
  • Effect: The lines of this body paint leave glowing afterimages, confusing the eye. Anyone attacking the wearer must first succeed on a static mental challenge (difficulty 12, retest Awareness) or suffer a four trait penalty to the attack. 


Burner Phone Talen

  • Gnosis rating: 4
  • Spirit: Neon
  • Appearance: cheap-ass 9 key phone
  • Effect: Type a message of 64 characters or less. It appears in glowing letters in front of the target you name. The phone then burns out.


Candle of Souls

  • Gnosis: 8
  • Spirit: Spider
  • Appearance: Made from a 30 inch long, pure white candle that has the name of the victim carved into it. When properly lit it will light the name in fire.
  • Effect: Acts much like a voodoo doll, but for rites and gifts instead of a physical attack.  May be affected by any single rite or gift that would directly affect someone else. The candle burns down and may only be used once.
  • Restriction:  Can only works on things that would effect the victim directly. Cannot benefit from Rite of Renewing the Talen.


Clear Water

  • Gnosis Rating: 4
  • Spirit: Water
  • Appearance: A vial of pure, clear water.
  • Effect: If this vial is poured into a stream or small river, the elemental will cleanse it of all pollution. If drunk, the talen will act as the Gift: Resist Toxin 


Dead Paint (Wendigo)

  • Gnosis 8
  • Spirit: Ancestor (or other spirit that witnessed the murder)
  • Appearance: Body paint made from tears and the blood of a murdered Garou or Kin
  • Effect: Once activated, the wearer feels a tugging in the general direction of the person who murdered the individual from whom the talen was made. This pull is inexact, and may not be enough to identify the target by itself if they are in a very crowded environment. The paint also grants a bonus trait on all combat challenges against the murderer. Unlike most talens, this effect continues as long as the murderer is still alive, however long it takes to bring them to justice.


Dead Rock (Red Talon)

  • Gnosis 6
  • Spirit: Salt
  • Appearance: A pebble with the glyph for Desert or Wasteland
  • Effect: Plant this in a field. Each day, the plants within ten yards of the talen wither and die, then make a Simple Challenge. On a success, the effect expands by ten yards; on a failure, the effect ends, permitting new plants to take root. 


Death Dust

  • Gnosis Rating: 6
  • Spirit: Death, communication, or divination
  • Appearance: A small jar containing a handful of dust
  • Effect: Sprinkle this dust on a target's corpse as you activate the talen. If the target died within the last twenty-four hours, the dust summons up an echo of its spirit, with whom you may then speak. This talen is a common gift among Silent Striders.


Death Sword (Fianna)

  • Gnosis 8
  • Spirit: Rage
  • Appearance: Any style of sword
  • Effect: This blade is made with the purpose of dying gloriously. Once activated, it deals aggravated damage and adds two bonus traits, but this is the lesser part of its power. The wielder of this weapon ignores all wound penalties, including Mortally Wounded. They do not fall unless they are physically hacked to pieces (fifteen health levels beyond Incapacitated, or one blow dealing five aggravated damage after reaching Mortally Wounded), their hand is severed (requiring a called shot that deals at least three health levels of damage), or they enter a frenzy and drop the blade. It is considered incredibly Dishonorable and Inglorious to use this weapon in a fight so unworthy that you survive it. 


Donn's Command Talen

  • Gnosis: 5
  • Spirit: Owl 
  • Requires: Crafted with ashes of a vampire or other unquiet dead.
  • Effect: Smash the sphere during activation. A cloud of suspended dust fills a 50 ft diameter space. The dust is blocked by solid barriers. For 2 Rounds, Garou's natural weapons can damage spectral dead but at half the total damage after all other modifiers.


Drifting Dust

  • Gnosis Rating: 8
  • Spirit: Chimera
  • Appearance: A small container of fine particulate sand
  • Effect: Activated by blowing the sand into the air. When activated, an area equal in yards to your permanent gnosis rating spreads out from the origin. Allies in that area are difficult to notice causing people to ignore them as if they are part of the scenery. Anyone who becomes suspicious makes a Mental Challenge against the suspect ally (retest Subterfuge) to actually pay attention to their actions.


Duckling Talen

  • Gnosis Rating: 1
  • Spirit: Water, Herb, or any spirit with Healing charm
  • Appearance: Any duck-shaped object; rubber duck, duck plush toy, wooden duck carving, etc.
  • Effect: Fully heals all health levels of the Cub that hugs the ducky to activate it.
  • Ban: Can only be activated by Cubs and can only heal Cubs.
    (Anyone else gets no effect and may even be attacked by the angry ducky.)


Elemental Camouflage (Uktena)

  • Gnosis 7
  • Spirit: Frog
  • Appearance: Looping patterns of melted wax in various colors
  • Effect: This body paint shifts to oppose any spirit that the wearer combats, such as becoming cold water to extinguish a fire spirit or blooming flowers against a Decay Bane. This grants an additional level of damage to attacks against spirits, and reduces the damage suffered from spirits’ attacks by one.


Fire Shadows (Silent Strider)

  • Gnosis 8
  • Spirit: Fire
  • Appearance: Henna tattoos in the shape of hieroglyphics
  • Effect: The glyphs appear to burn with flames, which hang in the air after the Strider has moved on. All attacks against the wearer suffer a two trait penalty.


Fire Tooth (Red Talon)

  • Gnosis 
  • Spirit: Rage
  • Appearance: One of your teeth, knocked loose and scratched thrice
  • Effect: Upon activation, this tooth begins to glow red with heat, exploding eight rounds later in a fiery blast. This explosion deals eight levels of aggravated damage to anyone and anything in a three yard radius (static 24 to dodge out of the area or soak).


Ghost Camo (Glass Walker)

  • Gnosis 7
  • Spirit: Raccoon
  • Appearance: Mottled green and brown camouflage body paint
  • Effect: This body paint acts as supernaturally effective camouflage; as long as you have even the slightest cover or shadow to hide in, anyone attempting to spot you must make a mental challenge (difficulty 18, retest Awareness). If you attack, you are revealed, but the effect will resume if you're able to move to a new hiding spot.


Golden Apples Talen (Black Fury)

  • Gnosis Rating: 8
  • Spirit: Requires 3 Spirits of Water or Herb
  • Appearance: A Golden Apple
  • Challenge: Willpower vs 6
  • Effect: The process of binding three spirits into an apple turns it gold at talen creation. When activated, the apple glows and shines so all witnesses desire to eat the apple the first time they see it. Those who are tempted can take no action other than to fight for the apple and consume it if able. When the apple is eaten, it restores 2 health levels and the temptation ends for all subjects. Being unable to witness the apple breaks an active temptation. Seeing the apple again does not creat a new temptation; once resisted or broken, then witness is immune. 
  • Notes: Must be Black Fury & Tribe Lore 2 to create. 


Grass Darts (Metis)

  • Gnosis 4
  • Spirit: Stone
  • Appearance: Blades of grass
  • Effect: A single Rite of Binding creates twenty darts, which collectively count as a single talen for attunement limits. They can be activated singly, or in batches of five; you may use them to make ranged attacks (retested with Archery), dealing one lethal damage alone or three lethal as a handful. You may also hurl them with the Gift Create Element, should you possess it; darts driven by this magical wind deal twice the damage listed above.


Green Dye (Fianna)

  • Gnosis 6
  • Spirit: Wind
  • Appearance: Blue body paint (the name is a bilingual pun)
  • Effect: Anyone who sees the wearer as an enemy is supernaturally chilled. Each time the wearer would be attacked, the assailant must first make a Willpower challenge (difficulty 4, retest Intimidation) or be unable to act that turn. Once a given enemy has succeeded, they are immune for the rest of the scene. 


Healing Talen

  • Gnosis Rating: 4
  • Spirit: Water, Healing Herb, or another spirit possessing the Healing Charm
  • Appearance: Varies based on spirit, could be an herb poultice, a small vial of water, or a pill
  • Effect: When activated this Talen heals 2 levels of damage (including Aggravated Damage) to yourself or somebody within your reach to touch.
  • Note: This is a basic Healing Talen.  More complex versions that heal for more damage, or have additional effects, may be made with proper roleplay during the Rite of Binding, and ST permission. 


Hood Rat Shit

  • Gnosis 4 
  • Spirit Rat 
  • Effect: this talen is a pair of marbles. When activated one marble is left at a location. Once the other marble is dropped it will follow a path to the other marble. 


Hurry Home Talen

  • Gnosis Rating 4
  • Spirit: Pigeon
  • Appearance: a feather
  • Effect: When this feather is broken, you are transported to the Umbral reflection of the dumpster behind the Denny's. You know, that Denny's.


Ice Arrow (Purelander)

Gnosis 4

Spirit: Ice

Appearance: An arrow made of ice

Effect: Once activated, the arrow doesn't melt. This effect lasts until the arrow is more than a foot away from the user. It then melts as any other piece of ice would. In all other ways this functions as a mundane arrow.


Maize Paste (Purelander)

  • Gnosis 8
  • Spirit: Jaguar or Wyld spirit
  • Appearance: A paste of crushed maize and water
  • Effect: You may mold this into the shape of any living animal, and for one scene, it becomes that creature. One portion of paste is needed for every two health levels the desired being has. At the end of the scene, or when killed, the creature crumbles into fine corn meal.


Moon Glow

  • Gnosis Rating: 8
  • Spirit: Lune
  • Appearance: A crystal that holds a moonbeam
  • Effect: Activate this talen when you enter the Umbra. As long as you carry it, your journey will be protected from incidental dangers. The Moon Glow cannot protect you from truly powerful and hostile spirits that hunt you, however. When you reach your destination, the talen shatters.


Moon Sign

  • Gnosis Rating: 5
  • Spirit: Lune, change, wolf, or Wyld
  • Appearance: A wax seal, impressed with the glyph of a full moon
  • Effect: Activate this talen and throw it down in front of a Garou or Fera target. Your target must make a Willpower Challenge versus seven Traits, or be changed involuntarily into Lupus form (or other animal form, for Fera).


Mouse Ear Talen 

  • Gnosis Rating: 4
  • Spirit: Mouse
  • Appearance: A set of earbuds or toy ears (or other appropriat ear-wear)
  • Effect: Two Garou or Fera split the earbuds when activating the talen. While the talen is active, the pair are treated as having a private pack-link. They can control this by putting the object up to their ear, or pulling it away, so they are not overwhelmed by the additional pack-link. A Garou or Fera may only be bound to one Mouse Ear at a time. 


Nightshade Talen

  • Gnosis Rating: 5
  • Spirit: Night or darkness
  • Appearance: An ounce of fluid,  magically distilled from the night itself
  • Effect: Drink this talen when you activate it. Your body becomes shadow, all but invisible in the darkness. Only an opponent who is actively searching for you stands any chance of finding you, and even then, you get a two-Trait bonus on all your Stealth challenges. This effect lasts one hour.


Owl Feather Arrow( Purelander) 

  • Gnosis: 7
  • Spirit: Owl
  • Description: Owl's wisdom confers protection from witches. It also makes owl aware of the best way to kill a witch or evil sorcerer. Witches are traditionally very adept at protecting themselves from death, so much so that the more powerful ones cannot be killed by normal means. As such those who fight them are given these white ringed arrows fletched with Owl's feathers. To ensure that a witch is permanently dead one of these arrows is traditionally shot into their heart after their death and then the arrow is broken off, burned, and the ashes are sifted onto their grave.
  • Effect: The arrow provides no additional traits or damage but prevents a witch from being able to soak damage for the next turn.


Pain Rings Talen

  • Gnosis Rating: 6
  • Spirit: Pain
  • Appearance: A ring (worn or carried)
  • Effect: Wear the ring or clutch it tightly. Your next brawl or melee attack deals +2 Aggravated levels of damage. This effect ends even if the attack misses.


Royal Marking (Silver Fang)

  • Gnosis 6
  • Spirit: Glade Child 
  • Appearance: A water based body paint
  • Effect: This body paint is designed to keep the collateral damage of the Delirium to a minimum. Any human who sees your Crinos form so marked, regardless of their Willpower, will flee without taking undue risks.


Royal Mead (Fianna)

  • Gnosis: 5
  • Spirit: Bees Spirits who have had flowers from the Arcadian Gateway
  • Appearance: a Liquid with a blue-ish hue.
  • Effect: The drinker makes a simple willpower test vs 5, if they succeed they gain an additional rage and can ignore the first damage done to them in battle. If they fail they simply gain an additional rage.


SenseDep Dart

  • Gnosis 8
  • Spirit: Bat
  • Appearance: A small feathered dart
  • Effect: If you are able to strike a target with this dart, usually with a blowgun, their senses are flooded with noise, preventing all action for one turn. 


Solidify Reality Talen

  • Gnosis Rating: 6
  • Spirit: Pattern Spider
  • Appearance: A piece of metal that can be attached to an existing armor
  • Effect: This Talen can only be used to enhance an Apparel that already exists (this can be used on non-armor clothing as well as mundane armor such as Chainmail, Riot Gear, etc).  Once activated the Talen adds 3 Armor Levels to the existing Apparel Armor.  If this Talen is used on an active Armor Fetish, or another Talen, it will cause the spirit to Slumber, rendering that fetish or talen useless for the remainder of the scene.


Soul Anchor Talen

  • Gnosis: 6 
  • Spirit: Pattern Spider.  
  • Effect: When activated your soul is tethered to your body for a scene. This has a few effects.  
  • 1) If someone attempts to soul steal you and succeeds you take 3 unsoakable agg straight to health levels but your soul stays in your body 
  • 2) the strengthened pattern makes it harder to step sideways. Difficulty for crossing over in increased by 1. 


Stench Mark (Red Talon)

  • Gnosis 5
  • Spirit: Any brightly colored insect
  • Appearance: Body paint made from dung and refuse
  • Effect: This body paint stinks horribly, in a way that conveys supernatural fear to humans. For each round that a Red Talon wearing this paint remains nearby but hidden, all humans in the area suffer a cumulative -1 trait penalty to all challenges. Anyone who reaches a -10 penalty collapses unconscious from terror.


Sun Paint (Child of Gaia)

  • Gnosis 7
  • Spirit: Sunlight
  • Appearance: Gold body paint
  • Effect: If the wearer enters frenzy, they treat anyone else wearing Sun Paint as part of their pack. 


Test Vial Talen

  • Gnosis Rating: 4
  • Spirit: Ancestor, Diviniation, or Crow
  • Appearance: A single test tube with a stopper.
  • Effect: A pure Blood or Fecal sample must be placed in the test tube and sealed. Shake vigorously while spending 1 Willpower as an additional cost. The vial immediately has one of three results: a thick crimson glop means Garou; a brownish powder means Kinfolk; no remaining sample means neither or the sample was impure. This will not identify other supernatural possibilities. 


The Slug (Glass Walker)

Gnosis 8

Spirit: Bird or wind

Appearance: A bullet, unusually heavy for its caliber 

Effect: The spirit carries the bullet to the target swiftly, quietly, and with great force: double the range, gain two bonus traits, and add two levels of damage on a hit.


Training Paint (Shadow Lord)

  • Gnosis 6
  • Spirit: War
  • Appearance: Glyphs painted at specific points of the body
  • Effect: The glyphs act as a memory aid for joint maneuvers. If all members of the pack present are using this paint, they gain an additional dot of Pack Tactics for the scene.


Tunnel Stopper Talen

  • Gnosis Rating: 7
  • Spirit: Pattern Spider
  • Appearance: Cord, thread, or any other fiber material tied into a knot.
  • Effect: When activated (tighten the knot with all your might), all supernatural transportation becomes unavailable in the area. This includes Crossing the Gauntlet, Moon Bridges, Wormholes, etc. This effect is indiscriminate to friend, foe, and bystanders alike.
  • Duration: 1 Hour or Scene


Tyr’s Blood (Get of Fenris)

  • Gnosis 8
  • Spirit: Rage
  • Appearance: Blood red body paint 
  • Effect: The first time an enemy sees the wearer in battle, they must attempt a Willpower challenge (difficulty 7, retest Intimidation) or flee. If cornered or pursued, they may turn to fight.


Updraft Talen

  • Gnosis Rating: 6
  • Spirit: Wind Spirit
  • Appearance: A Feather Ball (animal toy)
  • Effect: When activated, make a throwing physical challenge to hit a target. Upon a successful hit, the released wind spirit creates a powerful column of wind that suspends the target for 2 turns.


Wyrm Scale Talen

  • Gnosis Rating: 8
  • Spirit: Bane
  • Appearance: A mystic sigil carved into a hard substance -- preferably an actual Wyrm-beast's scale
  • Effect: This talen forces all servants of the Wyrm within a twenty-foot radius to reveal their true forms. Green fire then erupts from the sigil, consuming the talen.




Fetishes and Talens

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