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Requesting a Rare and Unique

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So you want to play something other then a normal Kinfolk or Werewolf?


Staff in the past have restricted playing an R&U to being just "advanced players" with knowledge of the game. We have decided to open up the ability to more players.




We only allow 1/5 of the game to be non-Garou on the books. So check with staff first if slots for an R&U are available.


What options do you allow in this game?


These are R&U character types you can make a request for:


  • Pumonca (Werecougars of North America)
  • Qualmi (Werelynxes of North America)
  • Corax (Werecrow)
  • Ratkin (Wererat)
  • Hedge Mage Kinfolks


Note: At this time we are not approving R&U that require an Org-Wide vote or Coordinator approval.



What are the requirements?


  •  We always require that you have played a Garou in our game before.
  • If you have already played an R&U in this game chances are we will not approve a second. 
  • Are you going to be willing to work with the Garou? As this is a garou game, this is necessary to have an R&U.
  • We need a backstory.
  • What is unique about this character that makes it better as an R&U than as a Garou?


Joining the Game as a New Player


Building a Werewolf

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