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Sir Not Appearing in this Game (redirected from Sir not appearing in this game)

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Here are characters currently not allowed in our chronical due to power balance and ST knowledge



Any character that would violate the codes of conduct. Read them. Know them. Love them. Have respect for your fellow players.


Vampires/Demons/Hunters/ Mages

  • We do not allow to be housed in our game. If one is visiting must have approval from their staff and ours with the understanding there is a chance for PVP and character death given this is a garou game that does have Traditionalist genre views.



  • By and large we do not allow changelings to be house in our game beyond the one grandfathered in pre-switching to OWBN.



  • Hedge Mage Kinfolk are with ST approval Only with backstory, as it is Coord approval we want all ducks in a row before we submit.
  • Fenian flavored Kinfolk are not allowed in this game but we will allow visitors from other games if the submit a write up of their powers so the staff can understand what is being used.



Black Spiral Dance: If you danced the spiral you can not play this character in our game because players will kill you.

  • Black Spiral Dancer Adjacent: If you are a renounced former Spiral or a cub who grew up in a hive we can allow that in play with ST approval.

Croatan: They are dead

White Howlers: Also super dead

Hakken-- As they are a tribe that does not exist outside the beast courts we are not going to allow them to play in this game.


Restricted Garou:

Lupus born of Glasswalker tribe is currently restricted at new character creation if making a Cliath or Fostern.


We do not allow play of these two types of fera in our game: 

Ananasi (werespiders) and Naga (Weresnakes)- Not allowed in this game. We understand people love them but we are not prepared for that kind of anarchy.


Twin Cities Garou: Last Stand


Still want to request a Rare or Unique?

Check the rules here - Requesting a Rare or Unusual



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