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Creating a Rite (redirected from Creating a rite)

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Creating a Rite

Discuss with Storytellers first to outline the purpose of the rite, costs, retests, limitations, and level. It is required to have a ritual concept being discussed before spending downtime actions to create it (allowing progress while determining the final goal details). Don't forget to come up with a ritual name.



The Rite creation takes 3 stages. Each stage takes 3x the level of ritual in Months to be completed; a full month of work is considered 4 development actions. It is possible for many Garou to work together on researching existing rituals, traditions, gifts, and other related matters during Stages 1 & 2. At Stage 3, creation of the ritual, the designer must complete all downtime actions alone. For progress to count, at least 2 Developmental downtime actions must be committed to the task each real month (combined total of any eligible participants).


Rite Level
Months per Stage | Total
Total Downtime Actions
Minor 3/stage | 3 months 18 (At 12 completed, start Stage 3)
Basic (1)
3/stage | 9 Months
36 (At 24 completed, start Stage 3)
Intermediate (3)
9/stage | 27 Months
108 (At 72 completed, start Stage 3)
Advanced (5)
15/stage  | 45 Months
180 (At 120 completed, start Stage 3)





  • The first stage is doing real world research on whether the ritual (or like-purpose rituals) already exists via Galliard stories, review of traditions, & learn of existing rituals, etc. Multiple Garou can participate in this research.


  • The second stage is the umbral research where you look through the Umbra and ask spirits about related rituals, learn of existing gifts that may have similar effects, & prove that the new ritual has a niche to serve. Multiple Garou can participate in this research.


  • The third stage is the actual negotiation and rite building while collaborating with the spirits. This endeavor has painful and exhausting trial and error burdening the rite creator as they cannot have help during this stage .





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