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Map and territory

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As Follows:
Blue, Major Outline is immediate Territory.
Black, Larger Interior is Sept and Caern
Red, Smaller Interior is The Great White Wolf's Territory


Caern Defenses



As Follows:
Black Outline is broad territory of the Game to align with OWBN



Other NPC Septs:


Glass Walker/Child of Gaia sept: "Are Burrito's Sandwiches?" (In Todd County, Long Prairie) To Stourbridge Lion, level 2


Shadow Lord sept: "Blood in Snow" (In Traverse County,  near Tintah, Minnesota) To Winter Wolf, Level 2


Get of Fenris sept: "Forged in battle" (In lake of the woods county, near Wheeler's Point, Minnesota) To Snow Queen, Level 2)


Get of Fenris/Wendigo sept: "Sigurds Storm" (Crow Wing County) Sept not caern


The Purelander one is to the South East, close to Duluth territory (Changing Breed Coord per view)

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