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Story Teller and Narrator

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Narrator as a part of this game


Positions on the Out of character level:


The game has something considered as a 'staff positions' such as Desk Lord, Council member and Player Representative. The Desk lord handles XP and sheet updates. The council member handled voting within OWBN. The Player Rep is a means with which players can have a neutral third party when deal with problems with other players or problems with the staff.


Another position with in the game is referred to as Narrators.


What is a narrator?


A narrator is someone who wishes to assist the staff either because they want to become storytellers or because they wish to support the game. Narrators are picked by members of staff to represent them.


What can a narrator do?


A narrator can run small scenes that are not meant to be life threatening, one shot plot ideas. It is an option when the staff is busy and there are people just sitting around looking board for a narrator to walk up and go, "Hi, I'm Bob the storyteller's narrator, you guys want to go look for trouble?" They then run that small scene and are expected to let at least their storyteller but ideally all of staff what they ran and for who.


What's the difference between a storyteller and a narrator?


  • Narrators do not get staff XP.
  • Narrators are expected to run minor, low level threats (ie a rite of passage for some cubs, a pack going to hunt a deer as a group, a pack looking to find some bad guys to fight)
  • Narrators have to report back to their staff member on what they do. If they run a scene and do not report what they ran they can lose their position.
  • Narrators cannot run scenes for their pack or whoever they might be dating (This is not a rule for Staff but many staff members often follow it) 
  • Narrators should have an understanding of the rules and genre but Staff can who makes the final rules call if a rule is called into question
  • Narrators are not allowed to run character death, if character death might happen they are to pause the scene until a Staff member can step in


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