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Totem Spirits grant their patronage to packs of werewolves, or sometimes to individual Garou.


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Types of Totems

Garou society recognizes four broad categories of Totem spirit, in accordance with each spirit's temperament and priorities:

  • Totems of War want nothing more than to destroy the enemies of Gaia;
  • Totems of Respect represent the strength of character it takes to lead the Nation to victory;
  • Totems of Wisdom believe that knowledge, skill and insight give the Garou the edge they need;
  • Totems of Cunning are an unpredictable lot, following their own purposes under Gaia.

Totem Features

Each Totem is described with the following features:

  • Type: War, Respect, Wisdom, or Cunning, as described above.
  • Brood: If a spirit pledges its allegience to a particular Tribal Totem, that patron is listed here. 
  • Totem Background Cost: The cost listed here is the required number of Traits in the Totem Background you need to gain the benefits of each totem. If you're in a pack and you have no personal Totem, you can share this cost with your packmates. You can follow a totem without buying enough Traits to gain its benefits, but you're still responsible for following the totem's Ban.
  • Description: A general description of the Totem's temperament and priorities. 
  • Benefits: Packs who follow the Totem and individual Garou who claim it as a Personal Totem gain the benefits listed here. Traits you gain this way may take your Traits above their normal maximums. Any Rage, Gnosis, or Willpower you gain from the totem are temporary and are only spendable, since they represent a pool of tempers the Totem gives you access to.  When you stop following the Totem, you lose these benefits.
  • Drawback: Some Totems inflict a drawback on their followers as well.
  • Ban: Most Totems expect their followers to obey a special rule called a Ban. Violating this Ban is one of the quickest ways to piss off the spirit and lose their patronage.


Totems of the Tribes

The following is a simple list of the patron spirits of the Tribes themselves, which enjoy a heightened status among all Gaia's spirit servants. Lesser Totems often keep loyalty toward one of these spirits, marking themselves as one of a Tribal Totem's brood. Being a part of a Tribe automatically means that you MUST abide by your Tribal Totem's Ban whether you personally follow them or not. Failure to do so will bring about punishments in line with the Ban and specific Totem.

  • Black Furies: Pegasus, a totem of Respect.
  • Bone Gnawers: Rat, a totem of War.
  • Children of Gaia: Unicorn, a totem of Wisdom.
  • Fianna: Stag, a totem of Respect.
  • Get of Fenris: Fenris, a totem of War.
  • Glass Walkers: Cockroach, a totem of Wisdom.
  • Red Talons: Griffin, a totem of War.
  • Shadow Lords: Grandfather Thunder, a totem of Respect.
  • Silent Striders: Owl, a totem of Wisdom.
  • Silver Fangs: Falcon, a totem of Respect.
  • Stargazers: Chimera, a totem of Wisdom.
  • Uktena: Uktena, a totem of Wisdom.
  • Wendigo: Wendigo, a totem of War.
  • Croatan: Turtle, a Totem of Respect 


Celestial Totems

A rare and dangerous class of Totem is the Celestial Totems, the spirits of the planetary incarnae. Few Garou have anything to do with these strange and distant spirits.

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