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Rites are sacred ceremonies that Garou use to invoke a measure of the spirits' power. More involved and time-consuming than Gifts, Rites rely on longstanding pacts forged between Gaia's warriors and her spirit servants in ages past: perform a ritual just so, using precise methods and components, and certain spirits will answer and empower the ritualist. The Rituals Ability reflects a mastery of this knowledge, and is the appropriate retest for all Rite performances, and is required to be able to learn the Rituals. Those determined to form new such pacts must spend considerable to time Create a Rite.


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Categories of Rites

Rites touch upon all areas of Garou society, religion, and daily life.


How to Read Each Rite

The Rites on this wiki are gradually being translated into the following format.


Name of Rite

Required: Any miscellaneous requirements that must be met to use the rite. If this isn't shown, there are no special requirements.

Time to Perform: The amount of time needed to perform the rite. If this isn't shown, it takes a standard amount of time based on the level of the rite (see Performing Rites, below). 

Challenge: The type of challenge necessary and its difficulty (or target). The retest is always the Rituals Ability.

Cost: Any costs that can or must be paid to perform the rite. If this isn't shown, there are no particular costs.

Description: The cultural significance of the rite and any common trappings for how it is performed.

Effect: The specific effect of the rite is described here.

Duration: How long the Rite's effect applies. If this isn't listed, the effect simply happens once as described.


Learning Rites

Learning Rites takes time and requires sufficient ranks in the Ritual Abilities. Cubs are the only rank restricted to Minor and Basic rites for learning.

  • Minor Rites take three days each to learn properly. Any Garou can learn them.
  • Basic Rites take a week to learn. Any Garou can learn them, as long as they have at least 1 level of Rituals.
  • Intermediate Rites take two weeks. As long as they have at least 3 levels of Rituals.
  • Advanced Rites require four weeks to master. As long as they have mastered the ritual knowledge with 5 levels of Rituals.

(...note that a typical Downtime between game sessions is two weeks long.)


You must learn each Rite from a teacher who knows the Rite.

  • If that teacher is another player's character, learning costs you nothing but time. That teacher must have the rite on their sheet prior to start of Downtimes.
  • If that teacher is a character played by a Storyteller (a non-player character, or NPC) then the Rite costs Experience Points: one for a Minor Rite, two for a Basic, four for an Intermediate and six for an Advanced.
  • The character represented by your Mentor Background can teach Rites, but they count as an NPC.


If you are learning a Rite that is specific to a particular Tribe or Auspice, then either you or your teacher must belong to that Tribe or Auspice.


Performing Rites

Most Rites require a Social Challenge to perform, although Mystic rites tend to be more Mental, and Seasonal Rites are very Physical affairs. The specifics appear in the descriptions of each Rite and its category. The Rituals Ability is always the appropriate retest Ability for performing Rites.


A Rite's complexity determines the amount of time and number of participants required.  It also determines the Rank the spirits require of the ritualist:

  • Minor Rites are simple and quick, taking five minutes each at the most. Any lone Garou may perform them.
  • Basic Rites need more skill, taking at least ten minutes to perform properly. Must be Cliath or higher rank.
  • Intermediate Rites require deep focus, taking at least thirty minutes and three participants. The ritualist must be Adren or higher rank.
  • Advanced Rites are truly involved undertakings. Only Elders may perform Advanced Rites.


In a Rite with multiple participants, only one Garou needs to know the Rite -- they can lead the others through the performance of the ceremony. For every five additional Garou beyond the minimum who participate, you get a one-Trait bonus to the Challenge to perform it.


If you perform a Rite that is above your Rank, you may succeed, but it will cost you: for each Rank of difference you lack, you take three levels of aggravated damage from angry spirits.


You may also attempt to perform a Rite you don't know, but that you've participated in before; however the difficulty is much higher. To do this, throw a challenge. On a success, the rite succeeds. On a tie, the rite fails. On a loss, the rite botches. This challenge may be retested as normal.  In addition, elder Garou often see such an attempt as impertinent or even sacrilegious.  Attempting an unlearned rite in the presence of an elder is grounds for a removal of Honor or Wisdom renown.


Creating a Rite

Those determined to form new rituals must spend considerable to time Create a Rite. Details are on the dedicated page.

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