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Downtimes are the weeks that pass between game sessions. During this time, your character does not exist in suspended animation, but rather goes about her normal business and even accomplishes significant tasks. To reflect what happens in the spaces in between, to foster further intrigue and plot, and to bring certain long-term talents to bear, all players may fill out the template and send it to the Storytellers via e-mail.


Address, Subject and Due Date


E-mail your downtime report to TCGarouSTs@gmail.com by midnight on the Friday one week before each game.


Use "Character Name Downtimes" as the subject of your e-mail, e.g., "Golgol Fangs-First Downtimes".


Copy the following template, fill it out, and send it:


1. Major Events from the Last Game

2. Feedback and Questions

3. First Major Downtime Action


4. Second Major Downtime Action


5. Minor Downtime Actions

6. Pack Downtime Action (Pack Alphas Only)



The Downtime E-Mail Explained



1. Major Events from the Last Game


In the first numbered section, describe the major events your character participated in at the last game. This helps the Storytellers keep informed of everything important that's going on.


2. Feedback and Questions


In the second numbered section, include commentary and questions to the Storytellers about the job they've been doing. Good things to mention are:

  • Any scenes you thought were run particularly well, and why
  • Any scenes you felt were run poorly, and why
  • Questions about rules calls made on the game floor
  • General questions about the rules or the setting of the game


3 and 4. First and Second Major Downtime Actions


In the third and fourth numbered sections, describe the two major activities your character attempts between sessions. Each one represents about four days of focused effort on your character's part. If your character's goals require more effort than this, the Storytellers will respond with your progress toward those goals.


Use the following sub-format for these sections:

  • Goal: Describe your overall goal in a single, simple statement.
  • Means: List the relevant Traits, Abilities, Backgrounds, Gifts and other advantages you can bring to bear toward this goal.
  • Method: Here, give a detailed description of how your character accomplishes their goal.


Here are some examples of the sort of goals appropriate for a downtime:

  • Scout out a neighborhood for signs of supernatural creatures
  • Learn rites from others (2 minor or 1 basic per Downtime action, 2 Downtimes for intermediate, 4 Downtimes for advanced)
  • Create plot to justify purchasing Backgrounds, exotic Lores/Abilities, Influences, Merits, etc.
  • Create plot to justify buying off Flaws, Derrangements, Negative Traits, etc.
  • Travel to another state/country through conventional means.
  • Travel to a friendly Umbral Realm through unconventional means.
  • Look for trouble.
  • Destroy found trouble, if it's routine and not too dangerous.


If any goal you attempt is particularly risky, the Storytellers may not be able to adjucate it through a Downtime e-mail. You may need to request a scene from them during a game session instead. They will inform you of this in their response to your downtime.


5. Minor Downtime Actions

Use this section to list very simple additional activities your character performs during the downtime, but for which you need little or no feedback from the Storytellers. They should be able to respond with yes/no actions, a few words of description, or simple acknowledgment of your character's efforts.


Simple instructions to Influences, Allies and Kinfolk belong here. Complex interaction or coordination with them should be major actions instead.


6. Pack Downtime Action (Pack Alphas Only)

If your character is the Alpha of a pack, you receive one final Downtime activity that represents the coordinated effort of your pack members. Use the same Goal, Means and Method format as in your personal downtime actions, but be sure to describe what resources your packmates can bring to bear.

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