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What are Downtimes? The Downtime refers to the weeks that pass between sessions. During this time your character does not exist in suspended animation but goes about her normal business and even accomplishes significant tasks. To reflect what happens in the spaces in between, to foster further intrigue and plot, and to allow some characters to bring certain talents to bear we invite all players answer the questions we’ve listed below and send us the responses (via e-mail).



Why should we fill all that out? Because if we have more information from you it helps us develope plot for you! Downtimes are one of the best places to find a plot hook to attach to your character, if you initiate action you will receive reaction from surrounding influences. In order for us to give that reaction to you, we need solid info on what you're doing, thus the Downtime format will help that happen. On top of all of that, if you follow the format, send in your Downtime on time, and your Downtime shows a level of depth and creativity, you will be granted an extra 1 xp for the effort you put towards the game.

How do we send in Downtimes? Send an email with the following format to the ST's at tcgarousts@gmail.com.




Title: “Character Name, Downtimes” 

Let us know who you are, and include the word Downtimes in the title so that your email will be tagged, making it easy for us to find.



A. All major occurrences of the evening, from your character's perspective

The Storytellers would like to remain on top of what's going on during game. Communication doesn't always happen like it should, and this measure is intended to ensure that all of the Storytellers can piece together what happened while they weren't looking. Don't assume that all the Storytellers saw it, or that they would tell each other. We forget, it happens, so reminders are awesome.


B. Your impressions of the game/setting, commentary, questions, etc.

This is your opportunity to give out of character critism. If you have an idea of how to make the game better, if you have a complaint about an unfair call on the game floor, if you had a wonderful scene and you want to see more of it, let us know here. Nobody is above tips, and we want to run the best game we can for you.


C. Your 2 personal Downtime actions highly preferred in enough detail to avoid confusion

This is the core of the Downtime, the cream filling. Between each game every character may perform 2 Downtime actions. Each Downtime represents 4 days of effort on your part. The possibilities for what can be done in a Downtime are essentially limitless in quantity, but everything takes time and some projects will take more than one Downtime action. If the task is too large, we will tell you and let you know how well you are progressing in your task. For each Downtime action give us the following information:

-Tell us your intended goal.

-Tell us the relevent traits your character can use to achieve this goal.

-Tell us how you will accomplish your goal. Feel free to use this as a creative outlet, this is your character performing important tasks. This is your chance to earn xp for yourself and make you look badass at the same time.

Using Downtime actions you can:

-Scout out a neighborhood and find signs of supernatural creatures.

-Learn rites from others (2 minor or 1 basic per Downtime action, 2 Downtimes for intermediate, 4 Downtimes for advanced)

-Create plot to justify purchasing Backgrounds, exotic Lores/Abilities, Influences, Merits, etc.

-Create plot to justify buying off Flaws, Derrangements, Negative Traits, etc.

-Travel to another state/country through conventional means.

-Travel to an Umbral Realm through not-so-conventional means.

-Look for trouble.

-Destroy found trouble.

-Anything else you can think of (mostly).

All of this is at the discretion of the Storytellers who will arbitrate what can and cannot happen. If you want help figuring out what to do, talk to one of us or a friend in game to help you decide. Some Downtimes are risky and will involve a scene, if this is the case we will work something out with you and get your Downtime resolved personally either over IM or in face to face meeting.


D. What actions are you ordering your assets to take on your behalf, and what minor tasks are you attending to

Let us know what your Influences, Mentors, Kinfolk and other assets are doing. If you want your Influences to give you info or help with a Downtime action, tell us. Your assets are assumed to be leading their own lives seperate of your influence unless you call upon them. Also inform us of anything little that you do of note, for example: purchasing goods from a store/online; teaching a rite, gift, ability, etc.; performing most rites; and other things that don't take up much of your time (errands, not objectives). If you perform too many minor actions, or you mistakingly presume something to be a minor action when it should take up a full Downtime, we will inform you and give you the opportunity to fix it.


E. Any experience that you wish to spend, as per the rules, and what you are spending them on


Tell us how you are spending your xp, so that we can keep track of who is purchasing what. You are allowed to spend as much xp as you desire. Please send your expenditures to tcgarouxp@yahoogroups.com as well. Adam doesn't have access to your precious Downtimes like we do, so let him know how you would like your sheet updated.


F. If you are the Alpha of your Pack you will have an extra optional downtime

This extra 2 days worth of effort is the bonus to having lackeys. If you run a pack of your very own, you get to order your packmates to do stuff for you, it counts as a minor task for each member of your pack. This is usually more useful for coordinated assaults during Downtimes, but there is no reason you cannot order your pack to do/assist whatever you want.


So I finished the format... now what? Send it to us and the Storytellers will decide the outcome for you. If your Downtime shows a level of depth or creativity to it, we will put your name on a list to be sent to Adam. Adam will grant each of these characters 1 xp for your trouble. Hopefully the Storytellers response and your successful Downtimes will be enough reward.


What if I don't do the Downtimes your way? We'll still process them as best we can, however you will not receive xp for them.


I hope that this satisfies everyone.



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